A Barometer measures the change in atmospheric pressure (outside air pressure) this is the pressure that exerts force to the earth's surface. Changes in atmospheric pressure effects the weather that's why we need a gadget called a barometer. Check out a weather station one day!


Obtain a barometer and make a bar graph and plot the air pressure at your location each day.... (morning, noon and night) for one month, also record the weather conditions for each day in that same month. Use this project in conjunction with the Celsius project.

This project is more useful if you can obtain a rain gauge and anemometer, or make one. An anemometer is a instrument used in meteorology to measure wind speed.... usually rotating on the top of a mast as the wind blows, wind speed is measured by the number of rotations per minute.







This worksheet comes from the linked workbook and has this assignment and lots of other fun science worksheets related to the science names projects.





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