Brownian motion

Brownian motion is the continual random movement of microscopic particles suspended in liquid or gas. These particles move around because they are being bumped by the fluid they are in. The hotter the fluid the faster the particles move around in it. The movement can be in any direction. This is why eventually particles spread  evenly throughout liquids and gases.


1: Obtain two beakers, one with clean warm water, the other cold water. Add a few drops of dye to the water in one beaker first and observe how the dye mixes. Do the same to the other beaker. You should notice the dye mixing slower in cold water.

2: Obtain a microscope, clean water, dye and syringe. Place a tiny amount of dye on a clean slide then while watching through the microscope have someone add a small amount of water with the syringe, observe the dye mixing with the water drops.







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