Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer who suggested that temperature should be measured on what we now call the Celsius scale. The Celsius scale is one of the measuring systems for temperature. It is sometimes called the Centigrade scale and the normal freezing point of water is at 0 degrees and the normal boiling point is at 100 degrees. It is the standard scale for measuring temperature in countries which use the metric system. You can convert Celsius into Fahrenheit by multiplying the Celsius temperature reading by nine and divide by five, then add 32. Mr. Anders Celsius lived from 1701 - 1744.



This activity should be used in conjunction with the barometer activity. Use a thermometer to measure the outside temperature each day.... morning, noon and night for one month and record your findings using a bar graph. Note any unusual changes in temperature.







This worksheet comes from the linked workbook and has this assignment and lots of other fun science worksheets related to the science names projects.




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