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Deforestation is the felling of all trees over a wide area. Deforestation takes place without future plans for planting new trees. It may be done to supply wood or agricultural land for farmers. When deforestation occurs on steep slopes, it is very damaging to the environment. Soils wash away causing erosion. In South America and Africa trees are cut down at a rate of 12 hectares a minute, day and night. Can you work out how many hectares a year gets cut down?


Identify one particular area where deforestation has occurred. Research if anything is being done to rectify the environmental problems that have occurred.

Use a group discussion to:

  1. suggest solutions or
  2. improve the situation or
  3. protect the areas for the future.
  4. are native trees better suited?
  5. can other varieties of trees be used without detriment to the environment?



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