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frog Frogs theme unit online learning is quite extensive with many interactivities and worksheets to choose from. Flashcards provide excellent reading opportunities before completing the interactivity. A frog photo gallery leads to more reading, learning about tadpoles and the environment, suitable for ages 6 to 10.

guinea pig Guinea Pigs are many child's favourite pet and this online learning theme will teach students how to look after guinea pigs, what to feed them and biological data. Learn more about the praying mantis or goldfish with these themes; includes photos, worksheets, activities and ideas for ages 9-10.

praying mantis Praying Mantis ready made online learning theme. Enjoy this unit with your students! An ideal teaching tool for busy educators and homeschool families, ages 11-13.

goldfish Gold fish unit for kids who are interested in goldfish. Lovely worksheets and online learning activities to complete across several learning areas, ages 11-13


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