Guinea Pigs

black guinea pig

Guinea pigs love to burrow themselves underground and usually co-exist in family groups. Their habits of burrowing underground is a good reason why our pet guinea pigs enjoy running around and playing in the many makeshift tunnels and hideing places in their cage.

Wild guinea pigs are usualy awake and active during dawn and dusk. This little fellow is sniffing around for some food during the day and to be honest, his eyes look a little tired!

eye of guinea pig

The eyes of a healthy guinea pig should be bright and alert with no sign of discharge or cloudiness. The eye site of a guinea pig is extremely adept at picking up quick movements. Birds of prey are among their natural predators.

A good reference book to read is: 'Guinea Pig' from Collins, Family Pet Guides by Peter Gurney. ISBN 0 00 413388 9

Wild guinea pigs are able to communicate with each other by making squeeking, rumbling and grunting sounds and also use body language. A growl or grunt can be a friendly welcome to other guinea pigs in the group. They may also show a sign of submission to larger or stronger guinea pigs by keepig their head low and making a rumbling type noise.


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