Teaching Treasures™


(Years 1-3)
by Ingrid Griggs

Froggo was very happy jumping in and out of the pond. It was a very warm day and Froggo started to feel tired.


sleeping frogo

Froggo jumped on a big rock to dry his froggo skin. He fell asleep when a big thump, thump, thump woke him. It was Ellie Elephant coming to visit him.

"Move out the way Froggo" and with a big splash she was in Froggo's pond.

"You big fat elephant. You emptied all the water out of the pond. Where am I going to swim now?"

Ellie Elephant looked silly sitting in froggo's pond with no water.

All the water had run onto the grass and into bunny's hole.

Ellie in pond

Ellie in pond

Bunny jumped out of his hole. His floppy ears were all soggy.

He saw Ellie Elephant sitting in the pond. "What are you doing", he yelled. "Get out of the pond".

Look what you have done! I'm wet from ear to ear.

Ellie thumped... thumped... away.   She felt very sad. She had to get new water for froggo's pond.


Then she saw a big dam and had a good idea. She filled her trunk with water and thumped... thumped... back to Froggo's pond.

Ellie in the pond

There she emptied her trunk. The pond was full of water again. Froggo was very happy. Bunny was happy too and Ellie trumpety trumped with joy.


Comprehension Activity

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