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ADD A LETTER anagram

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What is an anagram? According to the Collins English Dictionary an anagram is a word or phrase the letters of which can be rearranged into another word or phrase. The word stems from New Latin anagramma, shortened from Greek anagrammatismos, from anagrammatizein to transpose letters, from ANA- + gramma a letter.

You are given a word in which you have to rearrange the letters and also add another letter to make another word.
For example: add a letter to dear and you will have something to eat (answer: bread ). Notice how the word 'dear' is rearranged to 'read' and the letter 'b' has been added?

Now try some yourself. It may seem hard at first but you'll get better the more you do. When you've done the examples listed below try making some yourself and share these with friends and family members. How many can they make? Have fun!


1. Add a letter to TEA and get what you sit on.
2. Add a letter to CEDAR and get frightened.
3. Add a letter to LOW and get what lays eggs on a farm.
4. Add a letter to LIAR and get what a bloodhound follows.
5. Add a letter to NORTH and get what a queen sits on.
6. Add a letter to BLEAT and get a horse's home.




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