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ancient wonders


Why do you need to know what happened hundreds of years ago? Many students wonder why they need to learn what they would class as 'boring stuff'. Did you know that history can be as interesting or as boring as you make it? I wonder if you are interested in watching an exciting movie such as Night at the Museum, or Raiders of the Lost Ark. For most people it is not an effort to sit down and watch a movie on their television for a couple of hours, and learn some true and some wayward facts about the content of the movie. However, it is a trauma for many to read about the great pyramids or the hanging gardens of Babylon.

It is a sad fact of life that most of us would rather be spoonfed with mush and entertainment than utilize our brain power and glean knowledge from books, the Internet or other people who have gone before us and learned stuff we wish we knew but are only dreaming of. If you feel that you would like to learn more and you would like to increase your knowledge then start researching today. Download this free printable worksheet and start digging up the past. Learn who went before you in history, how did these people live, what did they know back then which is lost now? If you would like to stimulate your brain and be an interesting person to listen to then start today and research one, two or all of the Ancient Wonders of the World.

Below is a list of seven Ancient Wonders of the World. Choose one and research the facts which you need to include in your essay.
You can use the Internet, library books or encyclopaedia for your research.

1: Colossus of Rhodes 5: Pharos of Alexandria
2: The Temple of Artimes 6: The tomb of Mausolus
3: The Great Pyramids 7: Zeus
4: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon  




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