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Do you know where most of the animals in the world live? I'm sure most people know that elephants live in Africa and India and kangaroos come from Australia. But where does the chamois come from or the okapi? It is a good thing to know where certain animals come from. Ignorance can lead to feeling rejected because you made a wrong statement and it made you feel really rotten. If you want to actively participate in conversations you may need to scratch up on general common knowledge.

Depending on where you live and what you have done in your life, your knowledge will vary from others. It would be rather silly to state that the kangaroo comes from Canada if you lived in Sydney, Australia. It would be expected of you to know the animals which live in your backyard! So, what are you going to do about your animal knowledge? Maybe you would like to try this worksheet and give it a go. Test your knowledge, ask a friend to help and if you get stuck try a dictionary, the Internet or a library book. Have fun and remember that learning is an adventure and will only improve your general knowledge which can lead to being an expert later on in life.

List the animals under the country where they live.

black bear, fox, aardvark, kangaroo, pronghorn antelope, prairie dog, ring-tailed possum, chamois,
platypus, gila monster, lammergeier, okapi, gorilla, koala, moose, ibex, hippopotamus,
emu, raccoon, giraffe, wallaby, red squirrel, meerkats




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