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collage as an art piece

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A collage can be quite attractive as an art piece however, it does take a little skill and time to make one. Be patient and give it a try. If you are not happy with your art piece try again, you'll find the more often you practice something the better you get at it. If you are not sure what a collage should look like, try looking it up in an art book or even online by typing 'collage' in a search engine such as Ixquick or Google. There are numerous art web sites out there who's owners are happy to share their knowledge and art skills with others.... so give it a whirl and discover the joy of making some wonderful personal art pieces.

Firstly: draw your favourite animal, building, person or landscape.
Secondly: tear out colours and parts of photographs from old magazines.
Thirdly: glue your bits of paper on the picture you drew. Try adding paint on top of your collage for a different effect. You can also add shiny sweet wrappers or silver foil.



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