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Computers are great for typing letters, memos, books, short stories and much more. Computers, or also known as Personal Computers (PC), are used in many western societies' households, schools, colleges and universities. If you own a PC, you are probably quite familiar with most basic functions that it can do. It would be highly unlikely that your PC would put all the words back to front as in the note below but sometimes printers attached to your PC do funny things. However, the printer will only perform according to the specifications it has received from the installer or programmer. Enjoy completing the activity below.

note from jenny

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Jenny typed a short note to her friend but the computer put all the words back to front, can you work out what the note said?

Another task you can do for fun: Use a PC to write a short note to somebody but put all the words back to front. Ask someone to work out what your note says.



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