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learn about decimals

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Calculate the sums without the use of a calculator.

1.   0.56 x 2.43 = 2.   0.034 x 70.84 =
3.  0.32 x .078 = 4.   3.14 x 6.25 =
5.  1.42 x 37.5 = 6.   5.2 x 1.15 =

Working with decimals can be tricky but sometimes it is very useful when you want to calculate certain things. The following links will take you to some interactive online activities and you can practice your decimal skills here. If you are having a bad decimal day and not sure if you are ever going to get how it all works take some time out and come back later. No need to get frustrated, look at learning as a game and an adventure, not a drudge. Always enjoy what you are doing and you will be happy and content.

Visit these links for a game or two and a challenge: decimals 1...easy level..... decimals 2.....a little harder.......


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