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Have you ever been a witness to an accident? It may have been useful to have known what to do. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but sit back, watch and wait for help to arrive but you can do certain basic things to help. You can call for help to start with, you can calm or comfort a person who is injured or you can lend your jacket or jumper to someone who is hurt as the injured person may be cold or in shock. Never think that you are of no help at all! If you are interested in first aid you may like to learn more. Maybe you can do a basic first aid course if there is one running at your school or in the local neighbourhood. You may also be able to learn more by visiting some web sites which teach you about basic and advanced first aid.

Your task: Use an encyclopaedia, the Internet or a first aid book to find out the meaning of the following first aid word.

asphyxia _______________________________________________________________________________________

casualty _______________________________________________________________________________________











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