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Have you ever travelled to another country where they spoke another language? Were you able to understand what they said? Maybe you did or maybe just a few words. Wouldn't it be great if you could speak another language? Did you know that many people speak more than one language? If you only speak one language you may like to learn another language so you can understand people who come from that country. You can learn another language from another person which is ideal as you would hear the correct pronunciation.

However, there are other ways of learning a second language. For example, you can buy language programs or language books. Web sites on the Internet also provide services for learning another language such as Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, English and many more. If you are keen to increase your language knowledge then consider learning a second language. You can start here by working out what language the people speak of the countries listed below. You can also visit our web page about the Netherlands and maybe pick up a word or two there. Have fun and enjoy this activity.

What main language do they speak in the following countries?

1. Mauritania 2. Fiji 3. Netherlands 4. Germany
5. Denmark 6. Sweden 7. India 8. Japan
9. Syria 10. Iceland 11. Lesotho 12. Egypt



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