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Maths is quite often looked at as a hard subject to learn by most students but it is usually not as difficult as it seemed. A lot of maths is used on a daily basis so it is important for anyone to learn at least the basics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Fractions and percentages are also important if you want to be able to calculate simple things in life or sometimes more complex things. If you like nutting out sums you have an advantage because it is always easier to learn something if you enjoy what you are learning. However, if you are not really into maths much it is advisable to at least give it a whirl and try to understand some of the basics. You never know... you may start liking nutting out sums after a while! Have fun completing the sums below, if you get stuck ask someone to help you, this can be another student, friend or family member.

1. One sixth of the students at 'Little Island' primary school are under ten years old. If there are 126 students in the school, how many are under ten years old?


2. Ellie is learning to play the piano. On Monday, Ellie practiced 1½ hours; Tuesday, ¼ hour; Wednesday, 1 hour; Thursday, ¾ hour; and Friday, 1½ hours. How many hours did she practice for the week?


3. Frank lost one third of his marbles. If he had 270 marbles to start with, how many had he lost?




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