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Technology is a far reaching subject. Over the last hundred years technology has changed dramatically and new inventions and improvements are still made today. Just take a look at computers for instance, the technology of a PC (personal computer) changes so fast it is difficult to keep up with its advances let alone learn all the different parts of a computer such as a harddrive, ram or motherboard. Another example of technology are aircrafts or aeroplanes. Do you know what the different parts of an aeroplane are called? Do you know where the elevator, trim-tab, navigational aerial, dorsal fin or the nose-gear are on an aircraft? Where does a boom, bowsprit cap, chain bobstay, outer jib stay, pendulum or a periscope belong.... on what instrument, object or machine? Your task is to find out. Take a look at the words in the table and have a hunt around on the Internet for clues as to where the items belong. Do they belong to a helicopter, washing machine, automatic teller machine (ATM), satelite dish or a train? Have fun finding out.

Underneath each list, write where you would find the parts mentioned, each item deals with technology.

elevator trim-tab whisker boom crown & strings gullet pendulum aft hydroplane
navigational aerial bowsprit cap neck & shoulder pommel winding key propeller
dorsal fin chain bobstay soundboard girth lenticular bob galley
nose-gear outer jib stay pedestal & pillar stirrups a face periscope

Technology has many areas of learning starting with the basics of simple machines. After that it branches out and for some students there is no stopping. For others it becomes difficult to grasp and this is usually due to the fact that they haven't understood the basics first up. If a student struggles it would be wise to continue revising certain technology processes until they have learned the concepts properly. It will take time but it will be a wise investment of time as this student will excel in the future and will be thankful for the educational instructions received earlier on in life. There is a huge amount of free worksheets, interactive games, online quizzes and activities on our web site. Feel free to search around and watch your students enthusiasm for technology grow.



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