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Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in Siberia


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There is a fresh water lake in Siberia, Russia that is 1.5km deep. In this lake lives one particular type of fish called the 'sturgeon'. The sturgeon is almost scale-less, has a long snout and no teeth. It is much priced for its eggs. Once the sturgeon's eggs are salted they are called 'caviar' which is expensive to buy. The lake is called 'Lake Baikal'. It is surrounded by forests with trees like, larch, birch and pine. The Russians call these forests 'Taiga' and many different kinds of animals live here. You can find the famous brown bears, lynx, elks, and many types of birds and sables. Lake Baikal freezes over in winter but this does not deter the fishermen who will cut through the thick ice and continue to fish for a living.

Answer the following questions:

1: What is a lake?



2: Where is Lake Baikal?



3: Why is the 'sturgeon' famous?



4: How deep is the lake?



5: What kind of animals live in the surrounding forests?



6: Why do you think Lake Baikal is filled with freshwater and not saltwater?



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