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The longest coral reef in the world is the Great Barrier Reef off the north-east coast of Australia. The coral islands and reefs stretch for more than 2000km. It is a very popular spot for divers, who come from all over the world to admire this beautiful area. Not so long ago most stretches along this coastline were isolated, deserted areas with little or no tourism, but things have changed drastically over the last twenty years or so.

Because of the huge increase in tourism the coral reef is under threat. There is much pollution, not only rubbish such as paper, plastic and glass, but also oil spills from leisure crafts and boats which dump their waste into the ocean. There is also much reef damage by inexperienced divers who don't keep their flippers away from the coral. These divers are mainly tourists who have little or no experience with using flippers, mask and snorkel and continuously kick away the coral below their feet. Overall there is much strain on the Great Barrier Reef environment in general.

Research the impacts tourism is already having and could have in the future. What can possibly be done to prevent a disaster. Should tourism be banned or should there be better education about how to dive and not damage the coral. What do you think can be done? Have a group discussion before completing a written synopsis.

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