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an eye

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Do you like to travel to other places? A lot of people like travelling but some don't. If you like to see other parts of the world you may like to learn a second language to help out when you want to buy things. Although this worksheet does not really help you if you wanted to buy something but it could be of benefit if you had to go to a doctor because you sprained your ankle or had a sore stomach. You may even need to visit a dentist because you have a sore tooth. This teaching resource lists a few words in the French language. Of course you don't have to travel to France to be able to use these words, there are many other countries which use French as their language. Can you think of one?

Identify the following body parts in French.

the stomach, an eye, an ankle, the neck, a hand, hair, the throat, a tooth

1. les cheveux


2. une cheville

3. la gorge  
4. un oeil  
5. le ventre  
6. le cou  
7. une dent  
8. une main  


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