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Did you know that learning computer code is like learning another language? For many people it looks like a whole lot of weird and strange words and symbols but to some computer programmers it all makes perfect sense. Below is a list of many strange words although quite a few of these are in fact words used in the computing industry. You may need some computer magazines or books, the Internet or a friend who is a bit of a computer programmer and can help you recognize the words. Find out which words are for real and which ones aren't.

Circle the words used in the computing industry.

cobol gate hyponasty sentinel iamb
linux ibuprofen ram longueur GB
oupa motherboard gallivant effleurage pseudocode
macro e'en asc11 KB jab
nimes nisi unix pascal oakum
MB network nysa pakora fortran
NZEF pali disk drive afflux AFM
caravel BASIC abysm pert zip

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