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To speak your own language really well is important. It is also handy to speak a second language. Did you know that hand writing is not as popular now with the introduction of computers but it is still extremely important to learn it properly? Did you also know that you can buy language software programs to help you learn a second language? There is also a large selection of language books available from bookshops who specialise in foreign languages. If you are interested in learning a second language check out your options and don't forget that there are always plenty of people about who may be able to help you learn a second language.

Can you identify and write the following countries which are written in French?

1. l'Australie  
2. la Suisse  
3. l'Allemagne  
4. l'Angleterre  
5. la Belgique  
6. le Pays de Galles  
7. l'Espagne  
8. la France  

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