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recording data

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Have you ever recorded the rainfall or the temperature over a period of time? Some people record temperature, rainfall and even wind speeds for years. Some do it for a hobby or as a personal interest because they run a farm and need to know the weather conditions. Once you have collected weeks, months or a whole year of data, you can work out the range, the median, the mode and the mean temperature of your area. Collecting data for a year can be tedious but it certainly will give you the data bug once you start.

It is really interesting to see the change in rainfall or temperatures over a period of years. Some people can tell you what the annual rainfall was 20 years ago and that rainfall has declined or improved. By keeping records you can often work out the cause of less rainfall or an increase in temperature. There may be no forests left in the area or the underground streams have dried up. There could be massive timber logging going on or mining several hundred kilometres away from your area but it can still affect your area. Start your own data collection if you are interested today!

Use the data in the box to calculate the following:

mean temperature ...

the range ...

the median ...

the mode ...

Maximum temperature over 1 week - 7 days

12  14  25  21  16  18  16

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