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The French language is often considered worthwhile learning as a second language. You can learn a second language by buying language audio tapes, software, books or going to the country where they speak the language you want to learn. It may be difficult at first but certainly rewarding if you ever plan to travel. Local people respect those who come from a foreign country and have taken the effort to learn their language. So, if you plan on being a tourist in some far away romantic holiday destination it would be worth your while to learn a few key words, phrases or just that little bit more. To hold a simple conversation with the hotel manager or restaurant owner would be great, wouldn't it?

If you are learning the French language then this resource may be of use to you. try to learn the days of the week in French. Once you've mastered that...... write them underneath.

Draw a line to the correct day of the week.

Monday jeudi
Tuesday vendredi
Wednesday samedi
Thursday dimanche
Friday mardi
Saturday mercredi
Sunday lundi

Write the days of the week in French.



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