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the nile is the longest river

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Did you know that the Nile River is the world's longest river, flowing 6670km and beginning as the White Nile in Burundi? Once it reaches Egypt it flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Part of the river is called the Blue Nile, it is a tributary to the River Nile. Parts of this majestic river is a much visited place for many tourists. Tourism along the banks of the Nile is thriving and for good reason. You will of course not only find a great river but also great people who will make your stay in Egypt extra special. You will find special places such as the pyramids and bustling cities such as Cairo if you plan to travel to Egypt. Did you know that the River Nile flows through five African countries? Can you find out which countries these are and list them?


Did you find all the African countries? If you did... great. Now let's see if you can answer the following questions. You may use a dictionary or the Internet if you like.

1: What is a tributary? ______________________________________________________________________________

2: Which European explorer discovered where the River Nile began? ___________________________________________

3: Why is the River Nile important to Egypt's capital, Cairo? __________________________________________________


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