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the sahara desert is the biggest desert in the world

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Have you ever been to a desert? Many countries in the world have deserts, or deserted areas - void of large amounts of people, animals and plants. The desert we are talking about here is filled with sand and it is very hot during the day. It is also the world's biggest desert... we are talking about the Sahara, in North Africa. The sand dunes rise and fall like ocean waves as the heat waivers above the dunes. Even though it is so hot and it seems almost impossible for anything or anybody to live under such extreme conditions, there is life in the Sahara. Amazingly enough you will find animals, birds, insects, and people. Of course not in the quantities you would find in a forest or city but enough to sit up and say... wow! I didn't realise there was so much life in the desert.

Did you know that some people actually choose to visit the desert as a holiday destination? They will have to be very well prepared to be able to survive for any length of time. With the aid of four-wheel drive vehicles, desert travelling has become easier. Camels were used a lot in the past but not so much now although you will still see people travelling with their camels through the desert.

To be able to do your research you will either need access to the Internet, an encyclopedea in book form or on a CD as a software program or you can fleece your local library for books about the Sahara desert. Find out what animals, insects, and birds you can find there and the type of people who live there.

Identify and table the following:


Animals found Insects found Birds found People found

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