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With the use of computers, spelling has gone by the wayside a lot over the last few years. Did you know that many students are encouraged to write the words as they pronounce them? This is really not a good teaching practice as a lot of students, especially young ones will never learn how to spell words properly. The method of 'write as you say the words' is inappropriate as you get older, therefore these students who have been brought up on this method suddenly find themselves having to learn a new method or rather, learn everything they previously learned all over again. It is much better to learn the correct spelling up front.

Emails, cartoons and advertising campaigns have a lot to be desired as spelling is often deliberately neglected. Most emails are not written correctly among students. Words are abbreviated, there is a lot of slang and double meaning in them, and often quite unreadable to a person who prides himself on correct spelling. Cartoons are read by many young people and riddled with spelling errors. Seeing words spelt incorrectly usually leads to remembering the incorrect spelling and therefore always writing the wrong spelling in the future.

Advertising campaigns target many young people so they write the way they think young people like. Words are deliberately spelt wrong. Have a look around the streets, read the advertising signs and billboards. How many spelling errors can you see..? These are done deliberately and it is therefore no wonder young and older people can't spell correctly. It appears to be a downgrading in our society. Maybe someone is trying to keep a lot of people dumb! After all, if there are a lot of dumber people than yourself floating around you will have a huge labour market to draw from. You will not need to worry about your job as it is near impossible to employ someone who is better than you. Do you get the picture? Anyway... it is the hope of the people who put together the resources on Teaching Treasures web site that you will want to learn to spell correctly. By learning your language properly you have a better chance at a decent job in the future. Don't remain ignorant but read, write and spell things as they should be for your own betterment.

The following words are spelled incorrectly, re-write them correctly on the back of this worksheet and write their meaning.
Don't forget to use a dictionary!

candecsent, kanonicals, embrology, haemorhage, indemniphy, lingisticks, psodovector, quintaplicate

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