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the highest living mammal is the yak

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High up in the Himalayan Mountains live some very hairy mammals. Their thick, long hairs protect them from the extreme cold weather. The Tibetans actually use them to carry heavy loads and the animal is also a source of milk, meat, leather and cloth. These mammals will live as high as 6000m up the mountain slopes. This wonderful creature is the yak. If you ever get the chance to visit the Himalayan Mountains you may be able to see a working yak. Families who own a yak look after it very well, just like a farmer would look after his cattle, or you may look after your dog, cat or gold fish. The people of the Himalayan Mountains take pride in their work and welcome visitors from other places. Some Tibetans will enjoy showing their tourists around and telling them of their culture and way of living.

Answer the following questions:

1: Where do yaks live?

2: Who are the Tibetans and where do they live?

3: What do the Tibetans use yaks for?

Find a picture of a yak and draw it on the back of this worksheet.

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