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Couroupita guianensis

cannonball tree flower

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Did you know that the Cannonball tree is a rare species? They grow easily from seed, but they take up to 10 years before they start to flower and fruit, so the seeds are pretty hard to come by. These trees are often grown in Botanical gardens, so if you have a Botanical garden close by to where you live, maybe you can go there and see if you can find one!

The fruit bats love these trees and flock to them at night when they are in flower. They eat the nectar from the big, waxy, pink and gold flowers, which grow on branches dangling from the trunk. People say that the fruit inside smells like vomit!


The cannonball tree originally comes from South America, name 2 countries belonging to South America:

1_______________________________ 2________________________________

Why do you think this tree is called the Cannonball?


How many cannonballs can you count in this photo?


cannonball tree


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