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giant fish killer bug

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Did you know there is a giant fish killer bug? When these Belostomatid bugs catch their prey they inject toxins into them causing their prey to paralyze so they can eat them without too much of a struggle!! It is known that if a human is bitten by one of these bugs it causes painful reactions to the area bitten, nasty! Another species of the giant water bugs - Lethocerus indicus have been eaten by the Cantonese and Laotian people after they have been boiled in salt water.


These bugs belong to the family Belostomatidae meaning water bugs. This bug is most commonly found in tropical regions. They have been known to reach sizes of up to 110mm long! Their middle and hind legs are designed for swimming, being flattened and fringed with hairs. If you want to learn more about the giant fish killer purchase this pdf workbook and continue your learning with fun worksheets.




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