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Africa is the second biggest continent in the world. Africa has lots of deserts like the Sahara desert. Parts of Africa are rich in diamonds, gold and other precious metals. Do you know what a diamond looks like? Maybe your mum, grandma or teacher has a diamond ring on her finger. Diamond rings cost a lot of money so not everyone has one.

Just because these pretty stones come from Africa, it does not mean everyone is rich. Did you know that parts of Africa are very poor and the people do not have enough to eat. There may be no food because there is no rain or there is war in the country.

There are many countries within the continent of Africa. Check out all the countries that are there! Use a book about Africa that shows you the countries. How many can you count?


1: Draw a picture of a diamond.


2: What animals live in Africa?


3: Egypt is in Africa. What is Egypt famous for? Draw it.




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