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Circle the body parts

flowers flowers flowers

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arm leg shoe toe
cat head stomach bag
house neck tongue chair
nose foot rat elbow
ankle tree knee bowel
grass hand pole wind



Learning about the human body starts from a young age. Young children are curious about their body and want to know more. Once they reach the age of 5 or 6 they will (or should) know most of the basic names of the body. The above worksheet is relatively simple yet very effective as a teaching tool. Children will learn to read and recognize what is a part of their body and what is not. For ESL students this is also ideal and they will thrive on a simple teaching resources such as this one. Children with a second language could be encouraged to let other students know what an arm or leg is called in their native language, again... an ideal way of incorporating everyone and including multiple learning areas. Teaching across several subjects and learning areas is not that difficult. Learning outcomes will improve drastically and your students will be less tired and bored of the same hum-drum teaching methods shoved down their throats. Be creative, daring and show your keen learners that there is more to school than just schooling. It's an adventure to learn, a privilege to be part of an era where learning is their choice and they should grab the freedom while it is here... it may not last forever!

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