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The Dingodingo

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The dingo is like a wild dog and lives in Australia. It howls at night and can sound quite scary. It howls because it cannot bark like a dog. Dingoes like to eat other small animals like wallabies, possums, mice and birds. Aborigines used to keep dingoes as pets.

Only some areas of Australia have dingoes. You will not find dingoes everywhere as these animals like it where not many people live. Deserts and the outback, the bush, hills and mountains are areas where not to many people live.

Draw a picture of a dingo.












Learning about specific Australian animals can be an excellent theme teaching resource. If you're teaching young students about the Australian animals then this worksheet may be helpful to you. The worksheet has been kept fairly simple so not to overpower the young learners with to much information at once however, if you feel your students can cope with more, then you may like to incorporate some of the following activities and games (these are not dealing with Australian native animals): animania


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