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Don't get sick!

toilet bug

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Circle the things that make you sick if you ate them.

bread germs apples toadstools
peaches grapes soap cheese
flowers ham cake lettuce
pineapple ink paper tomatoes

1: Why should you wash your hands before you eat anything?

2: Can you see germs?

3: See if you can use a microscope to view germs.



Educating children about germs is important. Sometimes children at home don't receive the instructions and it is left up to teachers to do the job. Sometimes parents think that teachers should have done that part of teaching and it was never taught so parents will have to teach their children about germs. Whichever way... the resource provided here is suitable for teachers and parents. Because there is an increased demand for ready-to-eat foods, fast foods and dining out it is important to teach young ones about germs. Another activity you may like to complete is: Healthy Art designed for lower primary school aged students but can be very easily adapted for Kindergarten.

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