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The Kangaroo kangaroo

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There are 45 species of kangaroos found in Australia. There is the red kangaroo, the grey kangaroo, the wallaroo, the parma wallaby and many more. Kangaroos have strong tails which they use to balance with. They can jump far using their strong hind legs. The female kangaroos have a pouch to carry their babies in. The baby kangaroo is called a joey. Kangaroos like to eat grass.


Draw a picture of a kangaroo on the back of your worksheet.



Learning about specific animals can be a great theme as a teaching resource. If you're teaching young students about the Australian animals then this worksheet may be helpful to you. The worksheet has been kept fairly simple so not to overpower the young learners with to much information at once however, if you feel your students can cope with more then you may like to incorporate some of the following activities and games: aussie animals for advanced students - Aussie animals is not really suitable for the very young such as Kindergarten and lower primary but more for ages 10 upwards. However, if you have gifted students who want a challenge then give this area a go. It includes reading, writing and online educational games facilities. For further study about Australian wildlife visit a zoo or search for wildlife parks and zoos using a major search engine and be surprised what you can learn about wildlife or zoo life from the Internet.... enjoy our activity.

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