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Spelling rat

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Colour each box which contains a word that is spelled correctly.
Do not colour the boxes which contain words that are spelled wrong.

wen rat door house free
whas qeen sat poost that
clok far linc school child
drife laugh taste give smothe
smell run play brew pinck
green over gardun hoom try
break great you kiten dokter
teech rest for saw him

Correct spelling is important at any age and a bonus if students plan to chase a career later on in life. As a teacher or a parent you can help them achieve their goals. Pick them up on spelling errors but do it in love, not gloating over the fact they are wrong again, as some teachers and parents do... believe it or not! Have students use a dictionary and check the words they are not sure about. The use of computers has made many students lazy and speller checkers are used far too much. Don't become dependent on PC's to do the work but encourage utilizing the brains and power of deduction.

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