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The U.S.A

USA flag

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The USA has 50 states. Washington DC is the capital of the USA but New York City is the largest city in the USA. The Statue of Liberty stands on an island in New York Harbour. New York City is well known all over the world and some people go there for a holiday just to see how big it is. There are millions of people, cars, shops, and schools. Can you imagine how many kids go to school just in the one city?

There are many people living across all the states which have different cultures and different languages such as American-English, Spanish, Mexican and Italian. Can you think of another language some people in the USA might speak?


1: Find a picture of the Statue of Liberty in a book. Draw the Statue of Liberty.

2: How many stars and stripes are there on the USA flag? Don't count the ones on the graphic on your worksheet but find a proper picture of the flag of the USA. Draw the flag.

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