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Write a short sentence using each word given:










Writing is an important part of education. Learning to read and write involves practice, time, patience and love and care from a parent or teacher. The worksheet example above is rather simple but can be used numerous times using different words to help students perform writing skills. If you are teaching the very young such as Kindergarten or year one students you may be interested in the following area of our web site.... Deluxe ABC Kit - A large selection of ABC teach worksheets and interactive online games. Those teachers who have been in the public or private education system for a while will notice this is not the standard way of teaching the ABC's. It is not recommended for teachers who have difficulty adapting to new changes and improvements in teaching. If you as a teacher dislike change then please don't use this resource. It will only frustrate you and cause unnecessary tension. However... if you like a challenge and would like to tackle a different approach, then the ABC teach worksheets and games course is ideal. With your previous experience you should be able to present an exciting way of teaching the ABC's to your students.

If you are a parent and teaching, or considering teaching your child you will find this educational resource a true treasure. The method in this course has been fully tested on home tutored children. Some of these children now attend University or other tertiary colleges and are excelling because of a good initial grounding. You need dedication, perseverance and plenty of patience. Don't drop your bundle if you have begun home tutoring and hit a few rough spots on the way. Be thankful for the rough spots, it shows your child's weaknesses and you can concentrate on improving these. Teaching your child to read and write is one of the most rewarding missions in your life! Be organized and take one day at a time, don't let others interfere with your goals. Well meaning people can do a lot of damage to your confidence. If you know such people it may be better to avoid them as they can hinder you and your child from achieving a very important milestone in both your lives. Hang on to those people who encourage you in your efforts and you could even ask them to help occasionally. Check out the Reading Methods and Guide for Parents.

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