the outback


The Australian Outback is a great place and you, as a freelance journalist are asked by a major tourist bureau to give an accurate, detailed report of the Australian Outback. They wish to publish these details in their Outback Magazine. Use a computer to write your report. Search the Internet for details and pictures you can copy and paste.

Include the following points:

Landform Region - is it a plain, plateau, mountain or hill.elevation or altitude, are their rivers, types of rocks etc.

Weather and Climate - tropical, desert, semi-arid, Mediterranean or warm temperate.

Vegetation - forests, rain forests, grasslands, arid land etc.

Cultural Features - farming landscape, urban landscape or mining landscape.

Population - population density.

Flora - popular for wildflowers or other native flora.

Fauna - types of native animals in the region.

Major Attractions - what is there to see and do.

Include any other interesting facts you think are important!


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