Aussie outback


What kind of Australian animal is pictured here?
Write your answer in the oval shape.
frill neck lizard image

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What is meant when we talk about the 'Australian Outback'?
Write your answer in the rectangular shape.


Find some 'Australian Outback' pictures from old magazines and glue these on your worksheet.



Learning about Australia is an exciting project eventhough the country is not that old. Australia's history is rich and colourful. Cultural and Aboriginal issues are of utmost importance and so are environmental issues. Some of the world's great natural wonders are found in Australia and it is a learning adventure to discover some of the great outback areas Australia has to offer. From the vast north-west stretches in Western Australia to the lush rainforests in Queensland. But to get over the top end of Australia you will have to cross the Northern Territory first. Take a trip to Kakadu or tackle the Overlander before reaching the tropical rainforests in the Daintree in Queensland. If you ever have the chance to travel, Australia is a must see. By teaching your students about Australia you will discover for yourself what a wonderful place it is.

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