outback australia worksheet

Australia is a wonderful country and to learn about the different states is a knowledge you won't regret. The Outback Australia worksheet is provided here for your learning. Australia is a big place, lots to do, much to see. If you ever plan on travelling, don't forget to visit some of the capital cities such as Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart, Brisbane and Adelaide. Each city has its own charm and things to do and see. Venture further inland and discover the true outback. Be well prepared if you plan to travel outback as a tourist, ask the locals if you need to know anything. They are a wealth of information. Travel agencies can make a booking with tour companies for you if you prefer to go with other likeminded tourists. Adventure tours are very popular and those who run them will look after you. Enjoy the outback worksheet and thank you for visiting a little of Australia on the world wide web. Back to WORKSHEETS - copyright notice.