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Class or School Student Display

Create an interest among the students and parents within your class or school, allowing your students to make an individual poster about themselves from baby hood to their current age, displaying history about their lives. Photos of themselves could be copied and glued to the poster, the student or parent could write an explanation about the photos, additional information of prominent facts about themselves could also be written on the poster like current age, height, colour hair, eyes and skin, some of the things they like and dislike etc. Some of the students may like to draw a cartoon drawing of themselves, a picture (drawing) can tell a thousand words, student will have fun with this idea.

What your students will need:

Information about themselves in their younger years, they may have to ask friends and family.

  • Keep size of poster in mind (A3 is a recommended size) when co-ordinating the display, you will need to choose the right sized wall or a number of pin boards to display all the posters. This display could be arranged on a parent night, celebrating their appreciation of the children in the school, class and the world.
  • Make and display a large banner that reads: "Our Special Children" You can make this yourself or have students create one for you. Hang the banner above the display.

Other suggestions:

  • Within the Teaching tools area you will find many suitable borders which can be enlarged on a photocopier.
  • Sponsor a child in a third world country and incorporate information regarding this child.

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(by Ingrid Griggs)

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