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Teaching Resources and other eBooks. Instant download! Lots of great specials on students workbooks covering ages Kindergarten to Year 10.

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Reading Methods
Four main methods of learning how to read. Phonics method, the Look & Say method, the Language Experience Approach, and the Context Support method.


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Online Games & Resources Video games, online games or downloadable games should have a constructive educational value.

eBooks Downloadable eBooks for primary and high school students at discounted prices.

printable worksheets and project ideas

Printable Worksheets
Search our printable worksheets online. English, maths, science, art, technology, health, and more.

Project Ideas
Develop reading and writing skills, use maths in a fun way, explore environmental issues and more.

Teaching Tools
Educational resource of printable worksheets, interactive online activities and games for ages 5 up.

Download Worksheets
A large selection of worksheets for download

teach and learn english

Teach and Learn English If you want to express yourself well you have to know how to handle the tools of language 'Grammar' and that is exactly what this eBook offers.


Mathematics maths Online maths covering skills such as clock reading, numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, decimals, fractions, puzzles, roman numerals, statistics and data promoting critical mathematical thinking skills.

maths puzzles

Teaching Ideas & Suggestions
Metalinguistics, language concepts, open ended learning, ADHD, bullying, group learning and more.

Kindergarten to Year 3
Enhance reading and writing methods with K-3 games and printable worksheets in literacy and numeracy.

More Educational Stuff
Explore projects and activities for Years 1 to 10 and improve student knowledge in many subjects.

year by year guide for parents baby picture Year by Year guide Summary of what to teach from Kindergarten to Year 10. Please remember that each person learns at a different level.

Outdoor Adventure Learning
Homeschool camp opportunities for families to participate in bushwalking, canoeing, climbing, abseiling, rafting, camping, orienteering, challenge courses and more coming soon.

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