Study Australia's major introduced pests

A Year 6-8 Science project

The worksheet can be used to complete the missing data.

Australia's major introduced pests.

Pest animals in Australia


Animal Year of introduction Distribution Impact on native wildlife
dingo unknown Australia-wide predator
black rat 1788 coastal Australia eats eggs and young of native species
feral goat 1788 widespread browses native plants
brown rat about 1800 coastal Australia eats eggs and young of native species
feral cat about 1800 Australia-wide predator
horse1 horse2 about 1800 North and central Australia and alps competes for pasture
feral pig about 1800 Eastern and Northern Australia opportunistic feeder  more
water buffalo 1825 top end of Australia destroys wetlands
one-humped camel 1840 central Australia eats native plants    more info
common starling 1850's South-eastern Australia uses nesting sites   picture
rabbit1 rabbit2 1858 Australia-wide competes for pasture
fox1 fox2 1860's Australia-wide predator
common mynah 1862 pockets on east coast uses nesting sites    more
donkey1  donkey2 1866 Northern and central Australia browses native plants  more
European carp 1908 South-eastern Australia muddies water, upsetting natural systems
cane toad 1932 Queensland predator of small animals  more 


worksheet1 | worksheet2

Worksheet 2 is a blank version of worksheet 1 to make your own table of animal introduced pest.

An excellent resource book and guide to Australia's endangered wildlife is: 
Hermes, Neil - Australia's endangered wildlife - SLIB-32232918  -  ISBN 0 86777 350 2




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