Tassel bush

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The tassel bush

The tassel bush is found in the southwest of Western Australia. The fruits are hard to see because they are small, only 4mm long. These fruits are succulent and sweet. The bushes can grow between 1m to 4m high. The leaves are wide-pointed and the flowers smell very sweet. The flowers are red or dark pink in colour and are borne on a stem. The flowers can grow up to about 5-10cm long.

tassel bush photo



Scientific name for the tassel bush:

Leucopogon verticillatus

Another name for the tassel bush is the 'tassel flower'. They like to grow in wetter parts of the jarrah forests, also growing in karri forests near Albany and Pemberton. The scented red flowers come out in August and flower until October. The scientific name of the tassel bush means "white beard", because the lobes of the flower petals have white wooly hairs. The tassel bush is related to the Australian heaths.


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