Capillary Action

Capillary action is the process which causes liquid in the soil to rise up through roots and stems of plants or water to seep through a sponge. Pick a flower such as a carnation. Carefully slice the stem in half length ways. Place one half of the stem in dark blue coloured water and the other half of the stem in  dark red coloured water. You will soon notice the flower becoming half blue, half red. The flower 'sucks up' the water through narrow tubes in its stem. The capillary action overcomes the pull of gravity.


  • Do the experiment suggested with the carnations. You can also try other things like cotton material, very thin tubes if you can obtain them, also try a wick from a lamp. Drape one end in a full glass of water and place the other end in an empty glass.

     diagram of how capillary action works






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