Printable guidelines to assist with your project.

Print each guideline and follow the instructions given. For best results, complete them in order.

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Things to do

Packing List


Credit card

Before leaving

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The printable guidelines are a handy item to have for students who are completing the student travel project. It helps to organize their budget, their preparation plans before leaving, things to do, touches on credit card facilities, looks at medical preparations and suggests a packing list of items to take on their holiday (vacation) and items to leave home.

If you just want to take a look at culture, cultural experience, history, geography, photos, maps, languages, social issues, environmental topics or awareness, archaeology or learn more about a tribe, people or nation, the following links are a world of education for anyone who loves to travel. The abc's of travelling teaches those who have an open mind that you can learn from A to Z about countries using your home or classroom PC.


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