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boy singing using his respiratory system

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Every person needs food, water and oxygen to live, those are the essentials of life. You use your respiratory system to breathe, this means you fill your lungs with air where the oxygen is picked up by the blood supply and circulated around your body. If you did not have oxygen your brain cells would start dying after 3-5 minutes. Below are four items which have something to do with the respiratory system. Write the meaning of each one behind it first then choose one and research as much as you can. When you have finished your research, deliver a 3-5 minute talk to your class, a group of friends or to family members about asphyxia, choking, expired air resuscitation, or chest injuries.

1: asphyxia __________________________________________________________________________________

2: choking ___________________________________________________________________________________

3: expired air resuscitation ______________________________________________________________________

4: chest injuries ______________________________________________________________________________

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