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Tautology is saying the same thing twice using different words.

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Do you know what tautology means? Tautology is saying the same thing twice but using different words. For example: He delivered the letter himself personally. The word personally is not needed because it means the same thing as himself. A lot of people use tautologies and I'm sure if you read our web site you would probably come across some tautologies too. The English language is difficult to learn for many people and most of us are pretty forgiving when it comes to pronunciation, spelling and general communication. However, if you want a high profile career in the future you may need to learn English really well. Pick up a magazine or newspaper and read some of the articles, can you spot any tautologies? Enjoy this tautology worksheet.

Underline the tautologies in the following sentences:

1: The twin boys are exactly identical.

2: You get a free bottle of wine on the house.

3: The new car was donated to us as a gift.

Write three more sentences of your own using tautologies.







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