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The name poison-dart frog is derived from the South American native peoples' practice of putting poison, which the frogs secrete from their skin, on the tips of their arrows in order to kill prey. Only 55 of 135 recognized species of poison-dart frogs are known to be toxic. Of those only 3 are used by hunters to tip their darts.

A number of poison-dart frog species are bred at the National Aquarium in Baltimore for scientific research. They would like you to visit them at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Poison-dart frogs size can range from a half inch to three inches long. Toxic species flaunt neon colours that warn predators. In other words... DON'T TOUCH !

Since the arrival of firearms, the crafting of dart guns tipped in poison has become a dying art. Some people are keen to show tourists how it used to be. International Frog Day in the Netherlands means collectors can trade or sell rare frog varieties in Amsterdam, where the event is held. All frogs must be bred in captivity.

A frog project - Check out the frog web site listed above and write an essay about the poison-dart frog or make a web page about the poison-dart frog.

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